Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Equineline's Pedigree Analysis Program

Equineline Pedigree Analysis

I had a chance to look at the new Pedigree Analysis Program during its beta testing at the invitation of Pedigree Consultants' Byron Rogers and came away with a number of positive impressions of the search options it offers its users. To be offered by annual subscription, Equineline is currently offering a free four day trial to the service at the link posted above.

The program allows the user to make queries of The Jockey Club database related to specific genetic inheritance that might allow a breeder a completely different approach to selecting stallion matches aside from nicking calculations currently available to breeders. Combined with Equineline's real time results features which are reflected in pedigree searches, this program provides the breeder and pedigree researcher some new avenues to explore in their own search for their next good mating.


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