Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jack Werk

Being on the road for the past several days, I have just learned the extremely sad news of Jack Werk's passing.

Having briefly had the very enjoyable opportunity to have worked for Jack some 15 years prior, it was with much fondness that I had reconnected with him in the last year. His energy, his supercharged mind which generated a near constant stream of ideas, his passion for all things related to Thoroughbreds and the genuine attachment to his friends will all be very much missed.

I remember my first night out to dinner with Jack and some of his associates in Lexington -- He had some ethereal quality that always attracted the most fascinating people to him and brought out the best in them.

Everyone involved in the commerce of Thoroughbreds and especially pedigree consultation owes him a debt of gratitude for the standards he set and the interest he created in our work.

Jack will be dearly missed.


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